Upgrade Package: MARK 1

An upgrade to the SPEEDLINER® Mark 1 Control System using new components will extend system service life and safeguard production. The MARK 1 Upgrade Package includes controller replacement and a software update, and also the operator terminal and encoder if necessary.

Upgrade the SPEEDLINER® Mk1 control system to safeguard production and prevent long, unplanned downtime. The first generation Tolerans Speedliner with control system components from Elau uses parts that are no longer available. This could lead to unexpected, expensive disruptions in production. Stitcher downtime could be as much as 6-8 weeks.

Tolerans now provides an upgrade using newer components to safeguard your production and extend the service life of your system.

The Max4 controller is replaced by the more modern C200 or C400 controllers depending on the installation. These controllers are still in Elau’s component program. If an existing installation uses the obsolete Stegman absolute encoder, Tolerans can supply a replacement to an incremental encoder. A software upgrade is included for your specific application.

Tolerans also provides stitcher overhaul with the control system upgrade. This is recommended to enhance production stability.


  • Replacement of Max4 with a C200 or C400.
  • Replacement of the encoder, if necessary.
  • Updated software.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Stitcher overhaul (optional).
  • Installation, start-up and commissioning.

Please contact Tolerans for further questions and quotations.